Thursday, 3 February 2011

The BEST working day...ever!

And this was all work......

Hokkaido Experience is a company offering activity and experience tours in Hokkaido. A friend, who is a professional guide, asked me and other foreigners to "work" for the day helping the company make a promotional video and still pictures.
So we worked very, very hard.
And laughed a lot in the wonderful Hokkaido sunshine!

(sorry...THAT was why I was paid to be naked and eat....nothing more exciting that that!)

Okaasan good too - she went out for a walk and came home at 8 pm. So I managed to get into her room and take out armfuls of dirty underwear, I left her lunch in the kitchen and enjoyed a dinner without her...gave her dinner when she came home.

How much does Okaasan understand about her own condition? I've  always wondered this. Late last night there was a program on TV about a man in the UK who had a brain tumor. Suddenly he couldn't remembering proposing to his girlfriend, he couldn't remember what he ate, why he was crying, where he was going, what day it was etc etc...
As I passed thru the kitchen to the bathroom I glanced into Okaasan's room and saw that she was watching this program.
What WAS she thinking? I would so love to know. Was she thinking: Oh my...that's just like me. I forget what I had for lunch, I forget so much recently too...or not? I think maybe not. She thinks she is healthy and ok, just a little forgetful sometimes...
But it was a strange sight: a person with declining short-term memory powers watching a TV program about a memory.


  1. I think the onsen pic of you will sell well!!! Sounded like a blast and what a way to spend a day on the job!

  2. NICE - what a great day. And great pics for their guide. Tell them I think there needs to be an Oita guide next :)