Monday, 14 February 2011

Doctor Z and a LOT of snow.

Ahhhhhhhhh...........wonderful......that music...Omar....Julie's eyes.....the snow.....

I took my hangover to a 3 and a half hour movie about the Russian Revolution. This time the toilet break was THREE minutes! Three! Considering the age of most of the audience it took them about a minute to get out of the chair...down the steps, find the theater door.....never mind find the toilets.
Anyway - another great movie. How they crammed all the stuff in the book into a movie. And Omar Sharif, one of my early heartthrobs.
Kind of ironic too - watching an Egyptian actor in a movie about the masses marching on the streets demanding justice.

* One sweet friend in the US has suggested to me in an email that I should TAKE Okaasan to these old, classic movies! Kind of Okaasan and Oyomesan bonding time. I think not. This is MY time. Although Okaasan would probably enjoy these old movies, I doubt she'd remember enough to really enjoy the story from moment to moment - so the mindless banter of Japanese TV with its everchanging clips of studio games, cooking, travel is much better for her brain.

Came home in a snow storm which continued all afternoon and into the evening. 10 cm of snow maybe?
Washed up Okaasan's lunch stuff. Relaxed at home and sorted thru some of my old photo albums....found pix of me and a friend in the Sapporo Snow Festival in 1992....cooked for dinner, sat and chatted with Okaasan at dinner.
She seems ok, chatted about how the teacher advised which son should go to which university etc, chatted about random stuff.
She knows that Monday is hula dance class day: same old excuses about the roads being bad. In fact today the sun is shining and the roads are fine after all the snow - I reckon she won't go just because she's got out of the habit now.

Anyway - another week. Our car is at a ski resort with Yujiro so I am setting off to work by public transport.


  1. They show old movies at the cinema? What a great way to spend a snowy day. Or any day, really.

  2. Sarah - are you in Japan? I forget....dementia...
    If you are it could be at a movie theater near you too...started last year and now is Series II. Every week a different classic movie, usually once a day at 10 am for me....

    website is

    Lots of TOHO movie theaters across Japan....