Friday, 25 February 2011

Mother and Son Day Out.

Okaasan and Yujiro went out for a day downtown - shopping, eating, chatting....
And I safely stayed away from that by working and meeting my accountant.

Mother/Son day all went well: they walked a lot and bought the hula dress and new gloves. Then they started looking for trousers, but Okaasan kept asking people in the department store: "Where are the gloves? I want to buy gloves"...and he had to keep reminding her that she just HAD bought was trousers.

Anyway. They were out for about 4 hours together and came home without drama. Okaasan looked tired, but happy. Her dinnertime conversation was a bit random, I noticed she mixed up the experience of going to the Sapporo Sweets Cafe with eating Mexican food in Mexico years ago...somehow the two experience merged into one sentence...and she got momentarily excited about accounts and accountants: "I worked in a the accounts office! I can do accounts!".

Yikes. THAT doesn't bear thinking about.
Okaasan and my accounts.

I fully expect Sapporo City to give me back large wads of money. In 2010-11 I spent so much on air tickets to England, car rental in the UK, 3 years of contributions to the Japanese Health Insurance system, an operation on my ovaries...never mind the laptop computer for work. Oh....and bringing 15 boxes from the Uk to Japan.

Surely they'll take pity on me?
In 2011-12 the coffers will need replenishing.


  1. Yikes, the thought of Okaasan doing your accounts is slightly alarming. Hope you get a nice refund. Those are always fun.

  2. hope you get large wad of tax money back. Glad to hear Yujiro and Okaasan's day out went well and yeah agree, really shouldn't ask her to do your accounts. Sounds like she remembers the mexican well!! Like my mum and cashmere bouquet - at the time anyway. Makes a lot more sense now!!