Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bag Mini Drama

Okaasan came home Thursday saying she'd given her shopping bag to a shop to look after, and when she'd gone back the shop was closed and she couldn't get her bag back.

A pretty strange story, and we are not sure which elements of this are true or half-true.

She believes she went back to the neighborhood near our old apartment to go to the dry-cleaning shop that she thinks is better than any other dry cleaning shop (don't ask!).
The Chinese restaurant we took her to by car on Wednesday is near there, so of course that area was suddenly back in her mind and that's why she suddenly decided to go back to that area again.

She thinks that she got to the lunchbox shop at the crossroads, and left her bag at the shop because she wanted to buy something - but didn't want to carry a heavy bag all the way to the drycleaners and back.

The drycleaners is actually only 30 meters away...

But then. After going to the drycleaners, the lunchbox shop was closed. And her bag is in the shop.


Oh. And my gloves. I've lost my gloves.

Yesterday Yujiro was planning to telephone the lunchbox shop. But right after lunch at home, Okaasan got dressed up and set out herself to go and retrieve the bag.

And came home 5 hours later...with no bag. And a a confused story about the shop and the bag...and...and.

At dinner she looked tired and confused. Not happy.
Yujiro will call the lunchbox place today, if it's open on a Saturday.

A typical Okaasan confusion. She obviously HAS lost her bag and gloves somewhere, and it may be at the lunchbox shop. Or it might be another place. Or she may have asked the shop to keep her bag, or not.

Losing things and confusions.

Meanwhile. I am home with a cold. High temperature Thursday afternoon. Small cough developing into old man splutters. Cancelled classes and stayed home.
First ordinary weekend in years and years because I have rearranged my work schedule to have classes Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And I'm home spluttering. Perfect.
But at least I am not on a sports hall floor on a mat with 1,000 other coughing people and cup ramen for dinner.


  1. Get well soon. Anything seems better compared to what the people in Tohoku are going thru. But still...

  2. Apologies. Ryu has obviously given you his cold :( He was himself today finally - yay. Hope you recover faster than he did. Don't have a bath and no venturing outside whatever the weather, and nothing hard like toast. Advice from Granny K.

    Hope you manage to locate okaasan's bag and gloves. How muddling for her. and you.

  3. You're right - perspective is sometimes the best medicine. Right now, I'm getting that feeling of coming down with a cold - 4 days before heading off to Japan. Wondering if I can get over it quickly, even before I've really got anything.