Thursday, 7 April 2011

Miracle water for cats

It's a miracle! H40 Pet Water.
Popo-chan is a walking, miaowing, eating, drinking, peeing, licking, jumping ball of fur again.

Two weeks ago his blood had Cre and Bun levels off the charts and kidneys failing by the minute. He'd stopped eating and almost stopped drinking too.
Didn't look good.

The vet gave us medicine, but as he wasn't eating there wasn't a way to get the medicine inside him.

Then Yujiro found this: H40, hydrogen bonded water for pets. It's a Japanese product and sold on the Internet. One vet seems to say it is good, many cat owners vouch for it. Nobody knows why.

Hmmm...very fishy....I know. These Miracle Cures touted on the Internet. I had my doubts. We both did. But we figured it wouldn't actually harm the poor little bugger.

So we ordered a box, over Y6,450 for 30 little packs of water. Absolutely crazy. I think I'll start believing in angels and crystal pendants very soon too. People in Tohoku with NO fresh drinking water...well, people in Tokyo with no safe water either....and we are buying pack water for a cat.

Yes. Well. I know, I know....

March 29th Popo-chan was licking a few drops of H40 off the back of my hand and then crouching down on the carpet in a sad little funk.
April 6th Popo-chan is running around miaowing for food, miaowing for attention....out in the garden chasing bugs and back into life in all his furryness!

Quite amazing. Really. I'm not being paid by this company to promote this stuff - but for anyone reading this with furballs. I REALLY think this stuff is good. Somehow.

Here is the link to buy some H40 Miracle Water.

Now. Angels or crystal pendants? Which will transform my life and bring me True Happiness?


  1. My wife just bought a box of this. Then I read the description.

    This is ludicrous psuedo-science. Really. H4O? FFS.

    Somebody who knows a little bit of science talking about it here:

    If I don't get a full refund out of these scumbags I'm going to break something.

    Good to hear Popo-chan got better, BTW.

  2. I know, I know.....I agree with you...I asked scientist friends and they!....but...all I know is that somehow Popo recovered...and it wasn't the vet's medicine because he was too sick to take it....the only thing that changed in his life in those few days was this water....and he is still drinking it....I have no idea if this is true or not.....I know, I know. Angels also took me to a space ship....

  3. I had a chat to my vet about this, since I've got an unopened box of the stuff my wife foolishly bought online, from a company that won't refund my money and may well shortly be on the receiving end of a decidedly un-Japanese lawsuit.

    What he said is that this stuff is basically a placebo for the owners. What happens is that you've got a cat that gets dehydrated - in our case he has kidney problems - and you buy the magic water, and make a lot of fuss over giving it to your cat. Hey presto, the cat re-hydrates and gets better.

    Since I got the stuff I've been making a big fuss over my cat and explaining to him that I'm giving him water that contains TWO hydrogens for every oxygen, which impresses him a lot, and my wife mentioned that he's been putting on weight and perking up. But what I'm giving him is just regular tap water. The H4O is still in the unopened box.

    I suppose you could say that - well, whatever works, where's the harm. This stuff doesn't have any adverse side effects, because it's tap water with a miniscule amount of hydrogen dissolved in it, and the hydrogen escapes the second you pour the water into the bowl, and failing that when it gets to the warmth of your cat's stomach, producing an exceedingly expensive burp.

    But try Googling up the name of the product (H4O) and the Japanese for "scam" (詐欺). It turns out that lawyers all over the country have set up hotlines for elderly people who have been sold stock in this company, and effectively robbed of their life savings. They're running a scam on both ends. These are seriously unpleasant people you're funding.

    If you absolutely insist on giving your cat this stuff, let me know and I'll send you mine in return for you making a donation to an anti-pseudo-science organization. (I don't know of any specific ones, but there must be something out there.)