Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Still shocking...tsunami videos

One month on and Japan is still reeling.
I can't stop (guiltily) watching horror videos of earthquakes and tsunami. There is a line between being a voyeur and needing to remember these events.

Fellow blogger Vicky, whose husband is a SDF member working down in Sendai now, has just posted some tsunami videos of Kesennuma being hit by the tsunami on March 11 around 3 pm.
Watching people running for safety, screaming to their neighbors to hurry, the first water arriving...and then the whole thing building to a black torrent which sweeps away the town...
Shocking. Still.

Have a look at the videos on Vicky's blog Hyotenka.

This Sunday April 17th Vicky is organizing a sponsored charity walk to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross. It is the Eniwa-Sendai Walkathon.
We will be walking in an indoor sports training track in Eniwa - and being sponsored per kilometer.
I'm aiming for 2 km - that's all my gammy knee will allow - Yujiro is going to be MC and do 10 km, one of my students is going to do 10 km too.
I have sponsors from the UK, Tokyo and Sapporo.
You can sponsor me from afar too - just tell me how much you'd like to sponsor me and make a donation to the Red Cross where you live, then tell me the amount so I can include it in my final amount.

If you are reading this blog in Hokkaido and can come and join us - please come!
Sunday April 17th, starting at 1 pm at the High Technology Senmon Gakko Indoor Stadium in Megumino Kita, Eniwa. This is just 7 minutes walk from Megumino Station.


  1. I'd love to sponsor you. I'll donate $A5 per km for both you and Yujiro to the Red Cross here in Australia. I'll send you the receipt number after I've made the donation. Best of luck. It's a wonderful thing you're doing.

  2. Clare THANKYOU!
    Wow...that is amazing to me, you've never met are reading about this in another country and yet you are prepared to go and make a donation for people here in Japan.
    Now I have sponsors in the UK, Australia and Tokyo!