Thursday, 19 May 2011

A butterbur in progress...

Okaasan started cooking the butterbur.
But got stuck.
Can't remember what comes next.
And said: "My cooking book is in the house in Saitama...I forgot, I don't know. Maybe there is a recipe on the Internet?"

Anything left in the house in Saitama is a slightly dangerous topic, because that was all over 2 years ago now and older son is living there...he's probably thrown out loads of stuff.

Anyway. I was glad she made a start in cutting and washing and rinsing the butterbur. I found the Japanese-language version of the recipe, printed it out nice and big for her and have left it for today.

Today was actually meant to be Dentist III. But Yujiro, who had planned to take Okaasan on his way to work, started getting her ready too late and had to reschedule the appointment for tomorrow. Anyway, she had a bath and THAT is always a good thing.

* The Power of Blogging -I read a blog by a New Zealand woman who lives in Kyushu...never met her...but feel I know her through her wonderful, crazy blog "GaijinWife"....recently her mother in NZ was sick....and I've been checking her blog every day.
I just read - her mum has died. So sad. Such a shock. She is a popular blogger and there are 77 comments of messages to her today with this news. 77!!
This blogging thing is so interesting, how people connect with strangers and feel their pain.
Sleep well Gaijin Wife's mum - we all knew about you through your daughter's blog and we laughed and smiled and cried along with her.


  1. Now it's up to almost 100 !!!
    "The Cyber Samurai Army" is AMAZING !!!
    Mata ne

  2. Thank you. Everyone has just been amazing and the cyber samurai army truly has been fabulous and it is amazing that comments from people I've never even met can mean so much. But they do.
    Off to 'see' mum now - apparently she looks very good according to my sister so I think I'll have the nerves and courage to see her too.

  3. Yes we have. It is amazing.Mimi