Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Clocking in...and out.

I've bought Okaasan a clock for her room.
WHY didn't we do this before?
We're bloody stupid.

A chance conversationn with her the other day made me realise that when she sits watching TV she can't see the time easily.
Yes - it's on the TV screen, but she usually has the screen setting that pushes it out of sight into the corner.
Yes - she has a watch on the table - but there are mountains of rubbish there too and it is hardly ever visable under receipts and old orange peel.
Yes - she has a cell phone, but that is in its cradle across the room.

We...well I  mainly ...endlessly whinge about her sense of time being so bad. But she isn't helped by not actually having a clock in the room.
At the moment I've put it on a hook on the side wall, but I think it would be better near the Tv so it is in her line of sight. It is only a cheapo clock so there is no chime...but I could easily fit a little beeper behind it to go off at 12 o'clock (lunchtime!) and 3 pm (time to go out for a walk!) etc.
A beeping sound would break her focus on the TV for a moment and make her look at the clock.
Why did I wait so long to do this???

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