Saturday, 14 May 2011

Family outing to spring

Ahhh...sweet...another year together....another cherry blossom season.

We just came back from Family Duty trip to the park and a local restaurant for lunch.

Cloudy and sunny day, pretty chilly - but just about ok if you kept walking.

And we did. Left the car outside a friend's apartment near the park and walked Okaasan ALL over the park looking at cherry blossoms, cute dogs, flowers and a heron on the lake.
We kept walking her into places that we knew had good toilets - the Literature Museum and the Concert Hall...but of course it was only when we got to the Chinese restaurant with its hole-in-the-ground-toilets that Okaasan felt the need.

Anyway, good lunch and a nice walk and chat about it all.

We did good.

*   Just a funny postscript to the Dentist II Visit.
On Thursday after dentist and then work I got home a few hours later and met Okaasan in the kitchen looking troubled.
"Look! Something is wrong! The fake tooth has already fallen out and maybe I've swallowed it again! Look" she said baring her teeth at me.

"No! No! It's ok! The dentist didn't FIT the fake tooth today!! He only repaired other teeth around it and measured etc. Maybe the fitting is NEXT week! It's ok!!"

And then we had the same conversation about 4 more times in the next hour....eventually Yujiro came home and he joined in the reassurance. Poor Okaasan! She knew she'd been to the dentist and knew it was in connection with the lost tooth...but was a bit hazy on what had actually happened.
We are thinking that we should get the dentist to hurry up and fit the fake tooth on the next visit or two, because at the moment Okaasan is still positive about Going to the Dentist. But if she starts to resist and he is still fiddling around with tooth cavities and cleaning...the main event may never get done at all. Japanese dentists are absolutely genius at stretching out treatment over weeks. are some Japanese northern spring pictures....with dramatic black clouds looming.
This is Nakajima Park in Sapporo.


  1. Beautiful pics. :)

    You are such a kind and patient DIL. I know how difficult dealing with this disease can be.

    Hang in. Thanks for sharing it all. :)

  2. very beautiful. hokkaido is still on my list of places to visit!