Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Back on form.

Okaasan really is back on form.

She is eating full meals again and went to hula dance classes twice...and out shopping. 
Didn't eat dinner with us Monday night, because she fell asleep after the hula dance trip...and last night she suddenly went out late shopping and came home just as we were finishing we prepped the food and left her eating it alone.

That hula dance event in the city park was last weekend and a student asked me if Okaasan went to it. I remember doing my Good Oyomesan Deed last year and taking her to it to watch her class members. On the day she was fine...but after that she go all stressy about WHY didn't they tell me about the event and WHY didn't they invite me etc this year we are not talking about the hula events at all and just letting her trot along to the regular classes. I guess the teacher is configuring new dance routines around the assumption that Okaasan won't be there on performance day.
Learning the new dances and then standing in the park for hours with no easy toilet access would all be a stressy situation for her. Best she doesn't go.

One more thing: I've had a few strange random conversations with Okaasan recently. Usually she is very predictable - currently we are are always talking about Roses, roses don't grow well in Saitama, there is an old man who lives near my house and he grows plants for shops, but even he can't grow roses, the weather is bad.....

But recently she starts talking about something that seems to have no connection to the situation or what was said before.
I washed her net curtains at the weekend, and took them back into her room to put back on the curtain hooks and hang up. She did one curtain and I did the other. Talked about sunshine and good weather and good-day-for-drying..


That old man who sells fish in the shop, he always tells me which is good flat fish so I buy it and it is delicious, sometimes flatfish isn't delicious, but he tells me and it is ok, that old man in the fish shop (repeat till you can escape the room).


Curtains? Curtain hooks? Drying? Good weather?.....flat fish???
Why? I went on chatting about flat fish, wondering why we were talking about this!!

What sparked her onto this? Curtain hooks and fish hooks? Drying fish?


  1. My FIL is maybe starting on this bandwagon.

    We went to visit him the other day and in 15 minutes we had the same cycle of conversation three times round, with him repeating the exact same lines each time. Then he brought a birthday present round for our 11 year old (so he remembered the birthday itself!) and then asked "How old are you?" and when told 11 was really surprised and said "I thought you were a high school student...." We see him at least once a week..... And we've been out to eat twice in the past couple of months and each time he's forgotten what he ordered by the time it's arrived.... Hmmmm.

  2. Yup...all the signs.....and the food ordering too...does he have problems looking at the menu and deciding? Okaasan can't really...we usually decide for her...she can't hold that information in her memory long enough to MAKE a choice.