Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kneely there...

Me, on the left....
I am Oyomesan's Left Knee.
Well, my other-half - Right Knee is also in this picture because we stand together on most issues.

I have been an on/off star of this blog for the past two years because I haven't been well.

Got taken out for a walk 2 years ago, then suddenly was asked to jog - in hiking boots - and it did me in. All my cartilege/internal jelly casings were shot.
I was in agony for months and months.
Had electric pulses racing through me, had nasty injections....I went everywhere carefully...couldn't climb stairs, carry bags, stand in the kitchen at the end of a day's work. 
I've been wrapped in a support band when ever I go out.
Useless for ages.
The plus side ;-) was that I went thru airports and to a pop concert in a wheelchair.

But...then I met a health supplement tablet called Glucosamine, and I went to Curves ladies gym where I exercised gently and slowly...and slowly I became better again.
Last week Oyoesan forgot to put me in the nice, warm support band when she went to work - but even after a day in the classrooms I was ok!
And yesterday, and today - she didn't even TAKE the support band today...and here I am at 4 pm after two classes and the subway trip and shopping and a bike ride home. OKay!!

I still feel nervous when I got to the gym and the feeling of a big, heavy bag scares me....but I can run up a few steps, I can support Oyomesan while she stands on me and puts on a sock...I can do many many things. I can even kneel almost as well as Right Knee.
So, I think I am kneely better.

I hope I don't appear in this blog ever again.
Thankyou for your support.


  1. I was going to say, "Corny!" but that would really apply more to feet, wouldn't it?!

    Very nicely done.