Saturday, 25 June 2011

She's baaaaackk!

Oh the amazing power of antibiotics and pain-killers!

Only took 24 hours. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it Nishi-sensei.
Starve yourself back into health. Yeah, right.

The dental nurse phoned Friday lunchtime to check how Okaasan was doing and Yujiro (home cos rain wiped out bike taxi work) could happily report that his mum had eaten a big lunch...asked for seconds etc.

Today we did a Family Outing to the local revolving sushi heaven that is Toriton and the three of us ate our way through a mountain of sushi. Just as well there wasn't another earthquake (have been three or more this week in Sapporo)  while the plates piled up into a tower on the table before us.

Then we walked home all friendly and chatty and even sat in the garden together and looked at the one of the cats enjoying a brushing...looked at roses that are blossoming...

my gosh...a HAPPY family scene!!!!

Did you see that movie a few years back - My Darling is a Foreigner? Based on the best-selling manga about a Japanese woman and her American hubby? In the movie they lived an idealised life in a cute cottage with a flower-filled garden and a picket fence,  it all looked like a washing powder commercial. Most foreigners who saw the movie snorted and returned home from the movie theater to their ugly concrete block Japanese apartment, with the heavy metal doors and the strip of balcony containing a few dead plants in plastic pots.

But you know what? Our little family scene today after lunch outside here was.....oh MY GOD!

I even have the picket fence.

I'd better go and suck on a lemon and get my mean-spirited groove back.


  1. I had to smile reading this post. Glad it was a good day... the starving yourself to health... yeah...whatever.. right??? LOL!

  2. Yay, some happiness, movie scenes and white picket fences in the land of oyomesan. Glad okaasan is eating again. We had sushi today too - nom nom. yum yum yum. I wish we didn't have to drive an hour to get there - or I'd go at least 3 times a week.

  3. AAAHHH, no use your lemons to make lemonade!

  4. Yeah - I wasn't a big fan of the movie... not least because it seemed to complete miss much of the point of international marriages in Japan. Or even outside of Japan for that matter. The manga is ok (my wife loves it much more than I do), but the movie sucked the big one IMHO.