Saturday, 18 June 2011


Scones II.

Slightly better. This time my Internet recipe promised : Level of Difficulty: Low.
Someone called Melissa was leading the way.
Better recipe I think, it actually included egg and sugar, which last week's recipe didn't.

I thought the baking powder was coming through a bit strong. It seemed a bit crumbly.
But ok. I added cinamon and dried cranberries.
Yujiro and I ate it for breakfast.
I can't imagine having the confidence to cook a whole lot of these for English Tea Party and my students...I think I'll have COSTCO as the back-up.

Okaasan is on a no-eating thing because she says her dental work hurts. So I don't have to submit my scones to her.
Lucky that.


  1. Like I said, I know nothing about scones, so they look pretty darn good to me! Cosco is good... glad they have scones there!

  2. Scones generally involve butter flour, baking powder and milk. Never tried to make them with egg. Can't remember sugar. But hardest part is the oven- it has to be hot.
    Best sources are usually very old school country association cookbooks. They should be something that is easy to whip up though.
    Costco is probably the best bet.