Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Looooong weekend......

Scenes  from a Hokkaido weekend......

Husky pups at a dogsledding company....
Good 3 day weekend here....rained a lot for 2 days and then sunshine....I met old students for lunch and dinner, and joined a friend and her son for a day out to friends who have a dogsledding business...we went to a beautiful campsite near Asahikawa...went out in their canoe and enjoyed green and flowers and bugs....and venison on the BBQ!

Okaasan all well-behaved. Managed to do a polite few words of greeting to the guest in the kitchen Sunday lunchtime before heading out for a walk. Gave me the time to go in and find a large bag of dirty underwear..and another of rotting flowers...and do a clean sweep of her room.

All well here....makes for a boring blog really...


  1. The photos are absolutely gorgeous! Most impressed! I used to work in Takasu a few times a month but never knew it was so nice!

  2. Ahh but the pics are so good! That campsite looks amazing. I would love to spend a long weekend there sans small people. A dog sled business - very random. Do they make much money in sled season?

  3. Yes - they do!
    Last winter December to March they had only 2 clear days OFF! They are registed with various tour companies and hotels etc and have tourists coming in....mind you they have to pay for the food for 30 dogs......imagine that bill!
    They also do house and restaurant building and soap making....
    Hokkaido is full of people leading such unusual lives...somehow.

  4. boring is good! the bbq looked delish!