Saturday, 23 July 2011

Shopping for Tohoku.

Here's a great idea to help people in Sendai, Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima directly.
Go shopping for them on the Amazon Japan website!

There is no point in having a blog with 36 followers and sometimes as many as 70 people dropping by in a day if I don't use it for a good cause.

So let's forget the mundane of Okaasan's dirty underwear and my gardening....and remember 4 months on after the earthquake and tsunami, then nuclear meltdowns of northern Japan.

I hear about this from Vicky - who organised the highly successful Walkathon for Tohoku.

Amazon Japan website has a section where evacuation centers and volunteer groups working the  disaster area can put up their Wish Lists of things they need to make life bearable for everyone in hot, humid Tohoku.
The Wishes range from cleaning supplies to storage boxes, from slippers to cold drinks.
You choose what you'd like to buy and Amazon Japan will deliver it for free. :-))

The site is mostly in Japanese, but if you click on one of the group names - there are about 30 groups - you can see a photo and profile of it and the work it does. Then the ordering is ok in English.
This week I bought five cans of insect repellent smoke and sent it to Miyagi. Temperatures are high now in Miyagi and I am sure evacuees and volunteers need protection from insects. I see from the tracking system that my present was delievered yesterday afternoon.

There are big items and small required, and I am sure it will change as the season changes and people try to rebuild a life.

Go on ! Why not? A little Shopping Therapy is good for many. many people!

here is the website.


  1. A truly wonderful idea! I will be checking it out...

    Have a happy weekend, friend. :)

  2. This is a great idea to help the affected people & volunteer workers in Tohoku!
    I've already sent something to them through the website!