Sunday, 7 August 2011

81 years old.

Okaasan was 81 years old yesterday.
Long, long ago in a city called Kawagoe north of Tokyo little Kazuko Okamoto was born to a haulier and his wife in 1930....

This weekend Kazuko got champange and sandles and homecooked dinner with her son and that foreign bint.
Then yesterday she got a haircut in a classy salon with teams of fawning hairstylists and dinner in a Korean restaurant.

Life can't be ALL bad :-))

And Son and that Foreign Bint managed to escape during the three hours Okaasan was being fawned upon by hairstylers....and we sat in the beer garden in the dusk and enjoyed a beer...or two....

All went well....Okaasan appeared to enjoy the hairsalon - although right up to when arrived at it - she wasn't sure WHERE we were going and kept asking is: "where are we going this afternoon? A hairsalon? Oh, where?".

But there we are 81 years of life in a country that has changed beyond little Kazuko Okamoto's wildest imaginings...



it's bloody HOT here. 30 degrees is too hot.


  1. Love the dog! Looks to be just as spoiled as mine are.

  2. Hi Oyomesan, Do you know many other foreign wives living with a demented Okaasan? My friend also has a blog: She doesn't vent so much, but she's in a similar situation.

  3. No I didn't know about her blog...and I'll start reading it now! Sounds like her Okaasan is a way ahead of i'll be reading fearfully....thankyou!