Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dementia Lessons

Yujiro's having lessons in dementia!!!
As part of his job as a velo taxi driver in Sapporo he is attending lectures/workshops about how to welcome pasangers who suffer from dementia, by taking them to old parts of town and old buildings they may remember etc
It's a connection between a dementia carers' group and the velo taxi NPO.
Here are pictures of the workshop.

Of course I've read a million books on the subject and I read anything I can find on the Internet, and I talk to many friends and students about their family members. Yujiro doesn't really - he read a book I gave him 2 years ago after the domestic violence incident, he talked with me to that doctor for two hours.

But now he is having lectures about the importance of teenage/childhood memories. The importance of place and happy memories.


Yesterday he and the other drivers did roleplaying about being a driver and taking a passenger with dementia, today a dementia sufferer is coming for a trip in the taxi.

Excellent. It should make him a bit more aware of Okaasan and her worldview.

Last night she was sleeping when I came home, and very dozy when we called her to dinner.
She finally made it into the kitchen just as we'd finished eating, which meant that we had to stay a bit longer in the kitchen to give her some chat instead of bolting back to our more interesting lives of email/TV/cats upstairs.
But he sat and chatted to her for 20 minutes about memories.
Good, good, good....


  1. My grandma had a dementia, too. It is a hard disease. But, I heard once that it is a disease from God. When people get old, they are scared of death. But, if you get a dementia, you don't think about it anymore....