Saturday, 13 August 2011

Slip, sliding away memories...

What did you do last weekend?
Do you remember?

Okaasan isn't sure. That's dementia.

I had a hair cut the other day and mentioned that to Okaasan.
"Where did you go?" she asked.
"Oh, my usual hair salon, opposite the supermarket".
"Opposite the supermarket? A hairsalon?"
"Yes, you went there a year ago, but it wasn't so good for you, so you changed salons".
"Did I? Where do I go? I go to that place...that place...????"
"Yes, you went to the nice, big salon near the Hotel Okura downtown don't you, you went there last week, didn't you..."
"Last week....the hair salon....yes....".........??????????

But it was obvious she didn't remember...something about a hair salon maybe, where...not sure...when...not sure....

Yujiro took Okaasan for a quick easy dinner at the Korean restaurant near the subway station.
They ordered bibimba.
"Oh bibimba! I like this! I haven't had this in ages!".

Errr...right. A week ago that night Korean restaurant and bibimba for your birthday.....6 days ago...and already that memory has gone.....

*** My memory is ok: this time last year I went along to the hospital and discovered the Yubari Melon that my ovary had become. 1 year ago all of I am just fat because I am eating too much....

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