Friday, 2 September 2011

Any OTHER problems we can cram in here?

I'm going to work today for a break from all my problems:

Popo the sumo wrestler.

1)  Popo.
It was a long, long night with him and Chichi, and me and Yujiro all getting up and down and moving around. I think I had about 3 hours sleep. 
Popo cried in pain and walked slowly from bed to cupboard, and back to bed, and behind the door, and under the 3 am he was walking better and drank some water and nosed around a few dry snacks. Visited the old toilet box...which had no toilet sand in it......and then tipped it over on the surrounding carpet....He is wearing a sumo-style bandage around the operation place.....
His brother was not so sympathetic....a bit of nose to nose sniffing, but obviously doesn't like the smells of operation/wound/hospital. Chichi was noisily desperate to go outside in the first heavy rain of the approaching 4 am I finally let him out.

2)  My tooth.
Off to the dentist finally this afternoon. Something split or fell out on Sunday...and today is the first time my dentist can see me. Back bottom tooth has maybe fallen away from the filling? i'm eating on one side and having to do deep tooth pick work to keep the whole area feels like the Ridgeback Mountains in my mouth.

3)  I am wearing one of Okaasan's diapers.
Yup. You read that correctly.
Sitting here wearing a diaper.
I've had a few stomach problems this week....but suddenly after breakfast (coffee and cerial)....all hell broke..... loose.....I didn't make it to the toilet in we had to wash carpet tiles and sofa cover and my clothes...and was all horriblly like my step-mum's problems in her final year of life.
I don't know if this is stress from a night of no sleep - or something worse.

In Japan this week, Gusto, a popular chain of cheap restaurants has been closed after customers all over the north-east got dysentry from the food prepping factory...maybe a staff member's unwashed hands???.
I haven't been to that restaurant. But I remember feeling a bit bloated and strange last Sunday after a convenience store egg sandwich.........

So today.
I have to be home enough to check on the cat and make sure he doesn't try to jump into dangerous places. Yujiro is at a ski instructor license lecture all day. I have two lessons AND a needed dental appointment.
And I am wearing a diaper. 
And it's Friday. So hospitals will be closed tomorrow.

Can we possibly squeeze ANYTHING else into this day?

Squeeeze. Maybe not the best word at the moment.


  1. Hoping nothing else squeezed in or out for a long time. That's plenty enough. Hope you get through the day in one piece. xxx

  2. sorry to hear about your health dramas! Hope you and Popo chan both get well soon! Hang in there (or should that be 'hang on"?)
    - Kirsty

  3. Poor kitty. POOR YOU. Hopefully, the weekend will be lots better. Hang in. :)