Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just a little...what?

Quiet weekend here.
We stayed home mainly and did stuff.
Went out on Saturday night with the Czech/Japanese couple - both of us got a bit too drunk. I remember reeling home with handfulls of chocolate from the late night supermarket.
Slept until 9 am Sunday.
Watched videos, read the paper, thought about doing-something-about-Xmas...and then didn't.
Took the cat to the vets for his second pill-popping, and I tackled the icky topic of sample collecting for a large intestine cancer check....cos when I took along samples in empty jamjars last week the nurse at the hospital was pretty shocked!!! Apparently you DON'T DIY. You take samples using little tubes and sticks they give you.

Anyway. Quiet weekend. Housework. 

Made cake!
Great recipe for sweet potato cake from the Internet, added in some blueberries.

Okaasan went out for a short walk late afternoon, in the dark and cold - both days. Sat and watched TV, slept.

Sunday lunchtime she wasn't great. Something
She looked terrible, her eyes were all squinty and tired. She just about followed our conversation. Sat silently eating.
Watching her do stuff around the kitchen I was aware of a slowness about it all, getting up and fetching the salt pot. Struggling to open it. Adding two spoons of salt, and about to do a third. Slowly going to get the tea cup and tea powder....standing for a moment at the cupboard looking at the shelves.
She seemed to be moving and thinking through treacle.

By dinner time she was ok again. We had the cook-on-the-table-nabe and she was standing up and down fishing stuff out of it. Eating loads.

But that lunchtime mood...oh...not a good sign....


    Too funny about the self-sampling.
    I can just imagine the nurse's face.

  2. I am still laughing. OMG. I can't believe it. I can just imagine your poops in jars. LOLOLOLOLOL. It's a tiny stick, like a toothpick. Hahahahahaha. I will forever remember this little anecdote from Japan. Thank you for the pre-sleep chuckle.

  3. Hope your okaa-san is better. They seem to go thru those "phases", don't really know what it is. But you can really tell on their faces. You can almost tell when they're "off"...
    I like the self-sampling! LOL!

  4. Yes, the face is absolutely the sign of the changes isn't just a tired face, it's an angry/don't understand/confused face...that lunchtime was so clearly NOT a good time for her. I was thankful Yujiro was there to prattle on about things...if it had been me alone with her....