Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Two blogs to recommend.

Do you like food and travel?
If "Yes", like me - please check out two blogs I follow.
I've just added them to the My Blog List, which is on the far right of this page in the green area and scroll down.

 is a blog by Masako, a Hokkaido guide and writer and teacher. A few years ago I helped her with a book (Pera Pera Hokkaido), and she writes about her travels and food experiences.

is by  a sometime-student of mine Kimi-san. She works in Hokkaido as a tour guide too and often features amazing, close-ups of fantastic food. This week she is in east Hokkaido and took a beautiful sunrise photo.

Have a look at these two blogs if you have time.:-)


  1. tks for the heads up! i like both... food & travel. Ha ha!

  2. Thank you to introduce my blog, Amanda! Yes, I ate a lot every day!