Monday, 7 November 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs.

Ended our weekend with a couple-night out on the cheapo Groupon vouchers to a bar with Italian food. Finished up with one more beer and meat on sticks near the subway station.
Came home.

Upstairs: the cat brought home his second rat this week. Luckily dead. Luckily he left it out on the roof (and no, he didn't bring matches too, that's my later addition to give a size comparison to my circle of rodent experts on Facebook!).

And Downstairs: Yujiro went to the toilet and found Okaasan had been trying to hide a toilet accident, so he was dealing with soiled toilet mat and carpet tiles.

Yuk, yuk, yuk. Our life is so very glamorous.
So sorry if you are reading this blog while eating. :-)


  1. Oh, I empathize with you. At least the rat was dead. We've got a lot of critters down here in Kyushu, but I've never seen rats, although we did have them in Portland.
    The strangest thing our ba-chan did to try and hide an accident was to cut out sections of her bedsheet with scissors. I always had three different toilet mats, and just rotated them.
    You should look into getting a "helper" for light cleaning. We had someone come in three mornings a week for an hour, she cleaned the toilet, bath, did vacuuming and light cleaning. We arranged it through ba-chan's care manager and it was pretty inexpensive. Ba-chan hated it, but we loved it.

  2. Yes, I am planning to get another, similar toilet mat - so the gaping gap on the toilet floor isn't a constant reminder to Okaasan of yesterday's takes time to dry the mat and carpet.

    I'd LOVE someone to come in and clean, but sadly we aren't near that yet....Okaasan is only known to the local medical service as a physically healthy old lady living with family...she lied in some of the interview....and that was 2 years ago....she and Yujiro don't like doctors and unless something is REALLY wrong she won't ever be seen by a medical professional or care person....
    one day, one day...I hope for a small accident that will ensure she HAS to go to a hospital...