Sunday, 25 December 2011


How much chocolate can the body take?

I'm testing that.
If I eat anymore i'll be so hyper-happy I'll be throwing balls of wrapping paper for the cats...and chaseing them myself.

Having two slothful days of Christmas.
The weather has been great and I've got Okaasan OUT twice now. She even listened to my advice and set out while the sun was shining. And came home safely.

I've been a bad Oyomesan by avoiding actually having lunch with her. Left her stuff in flasks yesterday and disappeared to the gym...and today I cooked and served her the food, but busied myself with oh-so-important-housework....bad I know, but my Christmas goodwill doesn't extend to sitting and making conversation for 45 mins.

Above are the mound of parcels that arrived in the past week for me from friends. Amazing really! Thankyou!

But it's a bit embarrassing, because none of them appeared to be for after he went off to work this morning I sat there with a cup of tea and the Tv and cats...and opened my presents in solitary happiness. Very strange really.
Fortunately ONE friend had included a present for Yujiro, and the cats - so with MINE for him and his for Me, it makes enough for us to do a second present opening this evening. present I opened this morning - which had sat in the warm living room for several days...err..was a chocolate cake! It was probably labeled as such on the box and I didn't's still ok....ymmmmyhh,,,:-)) Thankgoodness for food preservatives.

But I've had a nice quiet time. A lot of TV and staying home. Cleaning the house. Finishing the Japanese New Year cards which have to be posted by Dec. 25th to get a January 1st delivery....and walks in the the views over the city from my local park were lovely - all snowy and sunny. Happy feeling.

My working life is all people, people, people - for me to spend 3 days at home and in the neighborhood is...well...nice.
Last year I was full of a million emotions about Dad and Jane and loss of family. This year I am relaxingly slothful.


  1. Glad you are having a good time. You deserve some downtime after a stressful year. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you. xxx
    and Y and okaasan :)
    and the cats.