Sunday, 19 February 2012

Climbing out of the abyss...

She sits upright watching TV.
She gets up off the carpet and walks to the toilet.
She eats a bowl of rice, instant packet soup and a boiled egg left on the kitchen table.
She remembers to complain about the neck ache...sometimes.

I'd say Okaasan is getting better.


But still not eating much: I don't want a bit of dinner....I will eat a, I won't eat now....had that last night in the space of an hour. And ended up with a pan of cooked tofu and egg and a pack of heated up rice going cold...but actually I was happy cos it meant I could have my own dinner on a plate upstairs in front of the TV. Okaasan slept on thru the evening and never took any of the food I'd left out. 

Upstairs I have computer parts and boxes all over the room and a large carpet dripping onto newspaper and hopefully drying, strung across the ironing board and a clothes-frame. The cats are sitting beneath it all watching the drips.

It's chaos.


Yesterday: escaped it all and went DOG SLEDDING!!!!!

Can't upload pictures yet, cos the computer isn't set up for that yet....but here is my friend's picture of  ...Oyomesan walking the doggies!!! Mush! Mush! 

Oh it was FUN!!!!


  1. I'm very happy to hear that the situation is improving and that you're having fun. I hope things continue along that path. You deserve all of the joy you can find.

  2. Thankyou - I do! But.....I am NOT forgetting these times when Okaasan sets us into a spin and is incapable of doing things...I am going to talk seriously to Yujiro about getting her assessed for daycare. It would be too easy to just slip into spring and summer and think everything is winter she really REALLY needs to be taken out once a week in a bus to a center and have mental/physical care.