Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ignoring the right-thing-to-do

Didn't do it.
Take Okaasan to the Snow Festival.
Made her go on her own. Alone in the dark and minus temperatures.
While I caroused with friends and enjoyed food and alcohol.

Is that bad enough to get the gates of heaven slammed in my face?
I expect so.

Just couldn't summon the energy to be that giving and nice.
Last week was a loooong week. I needed "me" time.

So yesterday I gave Okaasan lunch and sat chatting with her for a bit.
Then mid-afternoon I revitalised the leftover kimchee nabe dish from 2 nights ago by adding in more tofu and left it for Okaasan on the table-top cooker. Made sure she had some pocket money.

"So sorry Okaasan, tonight we have to go out with foreign friends from Tokyo - who are noisy scary gaijin that only speak English, you'd hate to meet them, so best to stay away...".
Well, didn't say the last part, but implied it.
"Oh? Is everyone going to the Snow Festival?"
"Yes, tomorrow is the last day - if you want to go you should go this afternoon!"

Okaasan looked a little sad to be left out of our plans....and be left home with reheated nabe. But, but, but - that is tough life when you get moved to live with the younger generation - sometimes they will want to do stuff without you.
It's the sad part of getting old and needing the life care of others, unavoidable because your life and the younger generation life aren't always going to neatly dovetail like a soppy Hollywood movie.

So. I left home and went by myself to the Snow Festival - after a week of people, people, people it was relaxing to just alone in the crowds down in the park - admiring the big snow statues.
Can't bring you pix because the desktop computer is in pieces on the carpet behind me and never bothered to put photo upload things into this laptop.

Later I enjoyed a Happy Hour beer in a bar overlooking the ice festival, then met up with 12 others for our annual Sapporo Couch Surfing hosts and surfers dinner and festival night walk.
We came home after 11 pm shattered and happy.

Okaasan had eaten the nabe. Burned the pan a bit. But the house was still standing.

Today I am home in my pajamas recovering from a Night Out. Had lunch with Okaasan and heard that she HAD gone to the festival yesterday and eaten and drunk something ( she can't remember what) in one of the covered festival eating sheds. She is still capable of going and doing something like this...thankfully!

So, at least she saw the festival a bit. And we did too. Separately this year. 

....How late in the day is it ok to stay in your pajamas until?

and OH MY GOD ! Whitney Houston? I am so sad. So sad. What a beautiful lady and voice. So sad.


  1. I just had to google it. Wow. She was only 48. What a waste. I love the bodyguard :)

  2. You're one cold person. Even for a white.

  3. "Unknown" - yes I am. It's called self-preservation, if I am not mentally rested enough to deal with living with this old lady she won't be getting rice and soup on the kitchen table from now till eternity...if you'd like to volunteer to pop over and help us out then maybe you can constructively comment :-)