Monday, 6 February 2012

Mission Accomplished

2 weeks in my care and Okaasan is still alive. And I haven't gone stark, raving bonkers. (lovely old British phrase that...)

On the final day I slipped away early and took myself skiing, came home mid-afternoon to find the hallway full of bags and skis and boot and stuff. He was home.

Okaasan all happy to see THAT strange man in the house.
Cats predictably terrified by the sound of rustle-rustle ski pants.
Family dinner round the good old nabe stew pot.

This week is Sapporo Snow Festival week - a major event in this city. He is working as a bike taxi driver at one of the festival sites and will be home every night. I have Couch Surfing guests, and my friend's parents are in'll be a busy week.

SO relieved that 2 weeks of care is done. Easier than in past years because I am getting less flustered with the cooking and the boring conversations....but still not a great way to spend 2 weeks.
All over for now - let the festival begin :-)

Here is the blog of a sometime-student of mine, she works as a tour guide and takes great pix of Hokkaido life and food....she did these pix of the festival yesterday.
Kimi-Tourguide's Sapporo Snow Festival 2012!


  1. I really enjoyed the festival! Actually I visited two other festivals near Sapporo! Coming soon♪

    by sometime-student of you♪

  2. does he have snow tires on his bike? a chain perhaps? Glad he's home and hope you get to enjoy some of the festival. xxx

    1. No snow tires, it's inside a big dome...Y100 for about 5 meters ride I think.....he said it is bad promotion for the bike taxies....

  3. Congratulations and welcome home to your husband. I'm sure he's delighted to hear how well you and his mother did during his absence.

    Awesome job!

    I'm glad he's home and that you are all healthy and happy together.