Friday, 9 March 2012

Frozen panties....

THAT title will probably get this blog a deluge of hits by many locked-in-their-rooms Japanese perverts....

I got 'em. Frozen panties. My visual cue to open negotiations with Okaasan about the need for her to start using STs or diapers.

Frozen? I hear you ask.....

Well, I found two pairs of very soiled pants when she went out for a walk on Wednesday. She'd obviously tried to wash them, but only succeeded in washing out of the material...the stained pants themselves were screwed up and wet, then left at the bottom of the laundry box.
So I grabbed them (and other bits of laundry and trash).
But then: how and where to store the pants till needed?
Pretty ridiculous situation really.
No time to HAVE the conversation now!
Yujiro back Wednesday night, then Thursday and Friday are packed busy working days for me, both days I am out early morning and back late.
Then Saturday morning we are GOING AWAY FOR A NIGHT skiing. Back on Sunday sometime. Then Monday I am out early working again....and then...and then...
I need a quiet, relaxed time when Yujiro isn't rattling around the kitchen, when Okaasan is awake and alert and I am calm and determined. Can't see that kind of time in my schedule at the moment.

So. I dropped the pants in a plastic trash bag. And hid the bag in the garden shed under some tomato netting.
Hence... probably frozen pants by now.

They are on ice till I have the time to defreeze them, and use them to show Okaasan and start THE conversation. Probably next month at this rate....

And yes. He and I are actually going AWAY from all of this to ski and spend a night away together, with no old lady downstairs and no cats in the bed - whoooHoooo! Better get MY sexy underpants out of cold-storage at the back of the closet.

Going away for a night isn't easy:

I've got a cat sitter who will come and do food and toilet boxes for cats, I showed her a picture of what they look like because I am 100% sure she won't see them at all - they will hide in the bedroom closet when she comes.
And we will do a mixture of left food and ordered delivery for Okaasan. And hope she doesn't attempt any dangerous egg and rice in a pan cooking while we're gone 48 hours.
I took a photograph of the cat sitter lady and me together and we'll print that out on the information paper for Okaasan so that she knows THIS person is coming into the house twice over the weekend - although our home design means she should be able to get in and upstairs without Okaasan ever knowing.

Ahhhh...busy at the moment...the students....the promise of a narration job next cat went missing for 24 hours again....this and that and more of the other....

and Japan.
1 year ago the unthinkable happened in Tohoku.
It was a Friday, like now.
Friday afternoon.
I was sitting here at my classroom with a student. The room started shaking and hundreds of miles south of Sapporo horrors were happening.
And it was my 50th birthday weekend with a surprise white limo ride, roses and champagne....

There are so many memorial films and programs and songs at the moment, but this BBC  documentary is especially touching. 


  1. Thanks for posting that documentary, it's excellent.

  2. Yes, this BBC documentary is very touching......