Thursday, 29 March 2012

Juggling balls.

Doin' it, doin' it.
Work, shopping, cats, mother - grab a few moments for myself.
He's supposedly home tomorrow - for a night - but I won't get my hopes up.

Yesterday, after work, I did Okaasan tofu and onions, left it in flasks on the table and I went off to see a documentary premiere in the evening.
A local film maker has traveled Fukushima letting ordinary people talk gently about their experiences, their lives, and what they think the future might be.
Really ordinary life, driving around in their cars, folding clothes, chatting over tea.
Very moving film by Taizo Yoshida.

Here's the link to a short preview of Ordinary Life.

It's in Japanese at the moment and I'm hoping to round up some of my interpreter/translator students to do the subtitles before it heads out on the film festival circuit.

Today was Okaasan and the hair salon trip.
She got herself ready ok, bit of a panic about wearing winter boots and having cat hairs and fluff all over her trouser legs...but I forced her out and into the car.
Delivered her to the hair salon, she had no idea where it was...
Paid in advance on my credit card and asked the salon staff to point Okaasan at a department store for lunch, after the cut and perm.

One of those days where you juggle it all.
Can do it. But.
One of those days.

Downtown in the car for the hair salon.
Teach downtown one class.
Back to my suburban classroom for another class (HI Yoko!!!, yes YOU!)
Then jump back in the car and go to do Part II of Narration from Hell.
Actually better than Saturday's version, someone had really edited it and the whole thing was smoother. The studio was booked for 3 hours, but I whipped thru it in two.
Back home via a supermarket to get sashimi for Okaasan's dinner.
Chat to her and marvel at the amazing transformation from Wild Woman to Classy Lady, big difference really - she didn't look nutty at all. :-)
Try to get the cats inside.
Serve Okaasan her food and give her some chat.
Back out again at 7 pm to an evening class.

Which has now finished.
I'm off home to collapse.
Been a long day. Long week.

Juggling the balls of responsible life.


  1. You are doing so much. I worry about you! I hope that we'll be able to whisk you out for some frivvles soon!

    1. me too :-) at the moment I feel I will just get to this weekend and waste it away stretched out on the sofa with the remote....hoping to find some energy to DO something non-responsible :-)

  2. The documentary looks interesting- I would love to see it if you do manage to arrange translating, although I don't know where it would be shown here in Brisbane.