Thursday, 22 March 2012

Waiting for an accident to happen...

No, she isn't using any of it yet.

I doubt she will. Yet.

All hunkydory after Talk I and II. Hunkydory - where did THAT expression come from?

The weather slightly improved so I got her to go out two days in a row, she ate lunch, ate a bit of dinner. Staggered around.
Note to self: Must get her in for a hair cut. The wild woman of the mountain look is getting scary.

And me? Waiting for an accident of the toilet kind to happen.
Usually I'm hoping they DON'T happen.
Now I am hoping one might, so I can use it as a learning moment: "ahh, look what happened, if you used these handy little pad things it would be better, wouldn't it?"
But, when you are waiting for have to wait.

THIS is another sneaky idea.

This is an advertising leaflet/booklet I picked up for free in the drugstore (Oh gawd, a Brit using that Americanism ancestors are turning in their graves...). I was in the drugstore,  ambling through the pads and sanitary towel section, as you do when you are an Oyomesan obsessed.
Picked up this leaflet and thought: Early in the morning when I get Okaasan's newspaper in from the front door...I might slip this in among the advertising sheets in the is always stuffed with flyers for supermarkets and pickled plum growers etc. Why not a YouYou for Lady pad flyer too? Then she might read it and start thinking...."MeMe for Lady pads"...

Izumi - who is a blog reader and BAD lady - suggests I go back to the drugstore and get a whole bunch of these leaflets and keep putting them in Okaasan's newspaper once a week at least, so the idea keeps reappearing to her....week by week by week.....

Not a bad, bad idea at all really!

Anyway. Yujiro might come home today. He got an extra day of work and stayed one more night. And then claimed the roads were too icy to drive and stayed at the ski school another night...grrr...but maybe home today.

It's spring holidays in Japan now for schools - so he has another whole week of working away coming up. Oh joy, oh joy....

* :-)  Had to rescue Okaasan from the TV this morning, I realized she'd somehow pressed the channel selection button on the remote and ended up on the Weather Channel - which shows endlessly the same maps and charts of local weather forecasts....she was just sitting there looking at it, of course not remembering that she'd already seen the same maps and charts 10 times in the past 10 minutes.....

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  1. I'm not surprised you use expressions like 'drugstore'...I've started doing it already and I've only been here a few months! I said something about "soccer" the other day and my boyfriend wasn't impressed!!

    I think Izumi's idea is a good one. A little sneaky I suppose, but it's for a good cause!