Tuesday, 17 April 2012


No - not Okaasan.
I wish.
SHE is safely under the heated table watching hours of TV shopping from behind a mountain of old newspapers and supermarket flyers.

No. Chichi. Our dear, squeaky black and white furball.
He popped out last Thursday late afternoon and never came back.
We have looked and looked and looked, called his name at locked garage doors all OVER the area, told the police, told the ward office, put posters in the shops....and looked and looked some more.

I KNOW. Boy cats wander. It's spring and all that.

But it is mentally exhausting. And walking round the streets looking is adding more to my already busy days.
Yujiro let him out and feels guilty - which is rubbish, because it was only 4.30 pm and we both let the cats in and out freely until about 7 pm at night. They always come back. Until now, Chichi's longest disappearance was the 2 nights he vanished when I was in Australia. This is 5 nights now.


His brother Popo? Showing no signs at all of sibling sadness. Just noisy, playful and demanding - as usual.

Apart from that I spent the weekend rescuing roses and many other plants from a coffee shop garden with friends. I wrote about it all here on my classroom blog, so I won't write about it all again - here is the link. Imagine English School - Amanda's Blog.

And we went to baseball on Friday night. Very boring game. We enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium, the beer and snacks, the going out for a date together.....and left at the 8th inning with half the stadium...caught the shuttle bus home.

She really DOES so little that is worth writing about! Which is good for her. Just days and days, months and months of the same little world - comforting for her.
Yujiro is home and housewifeing.
Okaasan sits and sleeps and eats. Goes for a walk. Sleeps some more.
She has understood that we are missing our baby boy - and even remembers to ask us about him - which is nice.
This is the time I wanted to be pressuring Yujiro into getting Okaasan booked in for a day care assessment check - but he is so very stressed about Chichi that I am leaving it.

I've had cats before, lived in a country where cats come and go a lot - in Japan it is unusual to have cats that go out freely, so Yujiro is more stressed than me. But...ordinary life with work and stuff seems less important while our squeaky isn't home.



  1. Oh I'm sorry. I hope your cat turns up. :(

  2. I hope he comes back soon! I have 3 cats and would be worried sick if one of them went missing. I have my fingers crossed for you!!!

  3. 6 nights now...not home yet..;-( I just feel heavy thinking about him and what he might be doing.....someone in the post office said a black and white cat is at a shrine area...but that is about 3 km and 3 main roads away....it doesn't seem possible...but we will check.