Thursday, 24 May 2012


Well -the cats are having a GREAT time, once the painters have left!

Um. Okaasan didn't do her Lady of the House chance. Not sure why. 
We left her a whiteboard sign on the kitchen table, next to her lunch, telling her to dole out the cold teas bottles in the fridge at 3 pm.
But she didn't. In the evening she said the painters had GONE by 3 pm....which doesn't sound likely. Maybe she looked out at about 3 pm, and they were already on their break round the corner at the drinks vending machine buying their own stuff - so she just went back to sleep.
Don't know. 
At dinner Yujiro did a long, long lecture-like talk all about workmen-in-Japan-don't-really-expect-drinks-from-homeowners-anymore-but-if-you-can-you-should-give-them-the-tea....on and on....I am pretty sure the details of his lecture didn't settle anywhere near Okaasan's memory. He hasn't learned the Simplify Instructions concept of dementia care :-(

Meanwhile I scared myself looking at dementia care forums on the Net where many carers/families said their loved one's condition had plunged when there were house repairs and major changes in the usually stable home environment.
I can understand it: 2 hours in the monring before work with taped up windows and scraping/banging sounds all around is making MY condition worse...and Okaasan is here all day. Wish we could get her to go OUT earlier and escape it.

But. The cats are happy with their new jungle gym after 5 pm.


  1. Its a pity Y hasn't grasped the concept of having to simplify things. Must be confusing for okaasan listening to all that - well for a few minutes at least. Stop looking up forums woman :)
    Glad to see the cats are taking advantage!

    Good luck for the next week.

  2. I have a serious complaint to lodge about your blog ... you don't put enough pics of your cats up! More, please!