Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Focus, focus...

Gave Okaasan some damp laundry to hang up herself yesterday.
But, I made the mistake of also giving her the clothes hanger frame - which was a little broken.
She sat down on the sofa and started to try and fix the hanger frame.....which seemed a good idea - good use of her brain and hands...I thought.
I'd realized, too late, that there were actually two empty hanger frames already in her room, but she was already determinedly fixing the broken one. So I left her to it.

I came home at the end of the day and found....still broken hanger frame...and...two empty hangers....and the plastic bowl of slightly less damp laundry sitting in the center of the room...
She'd given all her focus to the broken thing...finally given up on that...and forgotten WHY she was trying to fix it.


Socks: my neatly arranged sock-pairs in the basket arrangement has vanished.
The basket is there - empty on the carpet.
The socks, and the pegs keeping them together in Sock Couples, have gone. Maybe Okaasan has put them all away in drawers? Maybe. Will she find them again?

Yesterday I saw two old ladies walking downtown. One was helping the other. But one was like walking-dead-kind-of-face - that no-expression mask, just shuffling forwards, with no focus, mouth set tight...
I can spot 'em a mile off now - the dementia sufferers.
One day I'll probably become a bilingual, dementia care professional.
So happy Okaasan has enough brain matter to give some focus to broken hanger thingies.

oh - cat picture?
Here we are!


  1. your cats are seriously adorable.

    Bummer the washing stayed wet but I agree- good she's still focussing. Great that you got her off to a concert and she had such a lovely time. I'm impressed she goes off to those things on her own too.

    Nice you and Y got some time together too. xxx

  2. Georgeous kitties. I want two cats just like them.