Wednesday, 28 November 2012

One step forward. One step back.

Friday is another little step forward: the day care manager person will come and meet Dear Son and Okaasan and discuss the exciting program of events that will open up to her this winter.
Just as well. Winter has arrived here. Huge daylong blizzard yesterday, the roads are now icy and snowy. Okaasan hasn't been out for 3? 4? days. This situation should remind everyone WHY day service is important soon.

So, all well on the Okaasan front.

Not so for Oyomesan.
Thursday night my back tooth cap and filling fell out while I was sticking my fingers inelegantly in my mouth to retrieve bits of soft cookie from my gums.
3-day holiday weekend.
Yesterday got to the dentist.
Aghhhh.....the root canal work all needs redoing, had gone bad inside the cap....agh agh agh. Gonna cost me my non-existent Christmas bonus. I'd better GIVE myself a Christmas Bonus as I am self-employed.
I'll probably need to go 5 times to get it all fixed.
Brush your teeth carefully boys and girls...otherwise you'll end up like me.

JUST as I was going to make the appointment for the polyp check. Can they stuff camera tubes in my mouth while the cap is a loose temporary one? Will the cap come off during the stomach camera thing and I'll choke on my own broken tooth??

Will I get Christmas cards/presents bought, written, wrapped and sent in time this year?

It's all a mystery.

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