Thursday, 29 November 2012


There is no point in having a blog with 50 odd (some very odd :-)) readers and not using it shamelessly to garner votes.

So, here we go. Nothing at all to do with Okaasan and Me.

Just Me. Cos I am selfish.

I took a great picture in the spring in my local park - now I've entered it for a Japan Photo contest. Pleeeeeeease visit the link below and click on the WOW section to vote for my picture (and then you can check out the other cool pictures too)....

My wonderful photo!!!


  1. Done and done! It's a great picture.

  2. Thankyou!!!! Pictures of cherry blossom in Japan are pretty corny I know...but it's MY corny picture, so I am one proud lady!

  3. The composition is perfect - what a lovely picture. I gave you a WOW!