Friday, 11 January 2013

Dinner for two....

Took my Okaasan out for dinner last night ;-)
Just her and me.
I'm ashamed to say it isn't something I do much, her and me time. I do what I have to do at home, and wait until he is around to do family-type trips out together with her.
A big reason is...that even after 20 years living in Japan...I wonder what on earth I will talk to her about in Japanese. Will I have enough conversation to make it go ok? Okaasan doesn't initiate conversations...much, so the whole burden of chat is on me.

But last night - oh two large narration jobs this week, and going back to work shock, and poor Okaasan had been stuck inside for 4 I got home and invited her out on a date: Come and eat ramen at the local delicious ramen restaurant.

She jumped at the chance. Got her dressed up and out the door into the car.
Heart-stopping moments trying to get her FROM the car into the restaurant, because the icy road is now almost 20-25 cm higher than the summer level and there was a trecherous ridge down to the car door to the street level.
But she grabbed my hand and followed my directions.

And we dined together.
Actually, ramen is easy - because it comes quickly and once it is there in all its steaming, oily glory the Japanese-style is to chow down and stop talking.
So we did. A few words of appreciation and comments on other guests and their orders, and the pictures on posters near the table....but really silent eating and companionable satisfaction.
I even heard that dreadful Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney song "Ebony and Ivory" on the radio...and heard the lyrics " together in perfect harmony....".

After dinner I bought my more knickers for Okaasan at the supermarket near the parking area, and then picked her up and whisked her home.

But.....oh...but....there is a problem....lurking at home.

Yesterday morning, while Okaasan was in her bath. I went into grab her dirty laundry and hunt down the soiled clothes from Monday and Wednesdays toilet accidents.....aggghhh...found the soiled pants overflowing damply from a small plastic bag....onto the tatami mat in her room.
Brown stain on the tatami.

Will HAVE to clean that, in her absence or when she is there - I know our cats are doing merry damage to the doors upstairs of this old rented house, but tatami is pretty special in Japan and HAS to be cleaned...


PS Francesca....liked your comment about Dear Son having to knuckle to and clean up after his mum this week on the toilet floor...yes, I thought it was a good, learning experience for him. Reality check BIG TIME!

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  1. Sounds like a peaceful evening, except for the dirty laundry part. Claim the dinner as victory for the day!

    I wonder, is it possible to replace some of her underclothing with a few disposable pull up style undergarments and replace them as necessary until you eventually have all of the cloth briefs removed?? Just a thought.

    Back to supper. It took a while to get used to eating in silence. I don't know why we think we need to fill all vacant space with words but we do. Now it's been so long since I've had dinner conversation I wouldn't know how! LOL
    I am happy you were able to enjoy the meal with Okaasan.