Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Another day care day :-)

She went AGAIN.....and appeared to enjoy it.

I am almost happy here.

Actually very tired - busy weekend with snow festival and guests and social stuff and speech prepping.

So short blog. Can't be bothered to be witty. Or anything.

I marched in to Okaasan's room 45 mins before blast off and told her it was hula day again.
She put up a bit of a negative response...is it? didn't I quit? is the teacher THAT teacher? Is it that place?
But I firmly told her that the care was coming soon, and you need your skirt, your face cream, the trousers they lent you last time etc etc

Repeated all of that at 10 minute intervals.

Then at 5 minutes.

And then a few 1 minute loops.

And got her dressed in a winter coat and socks and into the entrance hall by the time the car came.
Off she went.

Came home tonight, quite tired but peppy - her, not me.
I'm tired and my pep has vanished.

At dinner she was fine. We didn't talk directly about the hula or the day care...apart from Okaasan wondering if she'd HAD lunch there or at home...we chatted about all sorts of other stuff. ANd she washed up all the plates after dinner.

Excellent. This is why I wanted her to go to day care.

Onwards into: 3 days with no Dear Son and Dear Oyomesan....day care people coming in to check her. How will she cope?
How will I make a speech in Japanese for 45 mins?

Think I need to go to bed.

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