Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Planning for "away"

Next week Dear Son and Dear Oyomesan will be away working.
Okaasan (and cats) will be alone for two nights and a long day.

Since I haven't yet managed to train Chichi-cat in the art of cooking tofu and miso soup we have to get in help to feed Okaasan and check on her mental condition.

Yesterday the day care manager came to talk to Dear Son and Okaasan about that. I wasn't there, but DS reported later that Okaasan was a little surprised, but accepting, of the fact that a stranger will come into the house and cook her dinner. Lunches will be the usual food delivery service.

We - well I probably - will leave out the instant food mixes and the tofu/vegetables and rice boxes, it'll be easy for the carer to come in and put it together late afternoon....and give Okaasan some chat.

The longest we've both been away until now was a night and a long day....Okaasan was ok, but we kept checking by phone and she survived by leaving everything scattered all over the kitchen and not washing anything up. And sounded a bit sad. But survived.

All the stuff on dementia says that sufferers don't do well on change of routine, so we hope that these food delivery and 2 carer-visits will be ok for keeping Okaasan in a good frame of mind.
I remember a student's story about her mother a year or two back. The sister was the main carer in the family home, but when sister was away on holiday my student when into the house every day with dinner.
On the second or third night she found her mother very distressed and confused and crawling around the floor in a mess etc....

SO hope we don't end up with THAT!

Now to get Chichi to focus on the tofu and soup recipe...I'm sure I can train him up enough for next time.

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