Sunday, 10 February 2013

Start as we (don't) mean to go on?

Shitty start.
Cleared that up....pants left on top of the trash box in the toilet, leggings and trousers left on top of the heater in the kitchen (which was mercifully NOT switched on)....cleaned the toilet carpet tile.

Thought it was just an accident.
But come the 5 min. warning to dishing up dinner and Okaasan says: No, don't feel like eating, hmm, not sure why, better not to eat.....

Actually. That was a joyful moment. Bit of a hassle with the almost ready food, but VERY happy I could sit and eat dinner alone with the newspaper for company.

Yesterday she was all fine again.
I had lunch with her and then walked her down to the subway station and sent her off to enjoy downtown.
It was sunny, it was NOT was a perfect day.
I came home and cleared snow, cleaned Okaasan's room - rescued from the table trash mountain the letter from the council about old people's travel cards...and the latest card.

Mid-afternoon I set out Okaasan's dinner in flasks, settled the cats and left for hours and hours of Sapporo Snow Festival. A whole Saturday night out!!! Yippeeeee!!!!
I called Okaasan late afternoon and happily heard that she'd got home ok and found dinner.
It meant I could relax and enjoy..enjoy....

First with Cute Baby and his mum....

Sapporo's Official Guest House in snow - with polars bears light show.

And then a walk thru a city park to a friend's apartment for sushi rolls and apple crumble dinner...
and an ice candle magical place...

And finally?
My Couch Surfers arrived at 9 pm. We walked the festival site, eating and drinking and looking at snow. And finally I took them to the classroom to start their Couch Surfing debut.....and I got home at 11 pm.....Okaasan and cats all ok.
An excellent Saturday night out.

* Wish I could post the short video of the polar bears light up show, but I can't workout video posting on Blogger.....plenty of examples on YouTube though, just look for Sapporo Snow Festival 2013 Hoheikan /Mapping show


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  1. To be honest, I was confused at the start but you do have such lovely pictures. It looks like it snowed a lot in your area!

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