Friday, 22 March 2013

Family ties

Had a wonderful ordinary week.
He was home.
I relaxed. The cat relaxed. Okaasan maybe relaxed.
Just doing ordinary stuff together was soooooooo good.

And now he's gone again for 11 days. The final big ski job of this season.
I'm back to being the Decider.

Just simple stuff was great - someone else to break up all those old supermarket boxes and take them to recycling. Someone else to check that niggly point on the computer. Someone else....

It was also a big stress reliever that Wednesday was a holiday in Japan - first day of spring. So I had 2 days work, a day off and then another 2 days of work. And only one evening class. I could go home at normal time, eat dinner and watch TV. Bliss.

We did a family trip to a shopping mall. Gave Okaasan the trolley to push around for us while we shopped - honestly, that's what it is like. She doesn't do much actively about shopping - stops at her fave foods and looks for a loooong time and then finally chooses something.
So, like a small child helping mom - she pushed the trolley and followed us round the shops. Then we sat in the food court and had a coffee - looking at people.

The little dementia oddities are there all the time. They pop up and remind you that Okaasan's view of the world is a bit off.
In the gas station I chatted about how self-service stands were unusual when I first came to Japan 20 years ago.
"Yes, it all changed after the war" commented Okaasan.
??????? the war???? No! Only 20 years ago! The war was 60 years ago!!!
And she giggled and agreed.
And then said the same thing 2 minutes later...

Later, in a convenience store, she bought a magazine and followed Dear Son to the checkout to pay. Then walked to the store entrance. Turned around and looked: "I wonder if they have magazines here?"...
You just bought a magazine! Look - in your hand, in that bag, it's a magazine...
More giggles.

And day care. She went quite happily this week to ballroom dance. Dear Son got her out the door and away. Then helped me swoop into her room and clean up stuff. Next month there is day care and dancing every week.

It's all good. Ongoing.

11 days of Being Full Time Oyomesan.

'ere we go :-)

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  1. I hope it goes smoothly for you. I just saw on the news that it is snowing in Sapporo again. I hope that it doesn't stick and you'll see the cherry blossoms soon. Nancy in Tokyo