Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Slow recovery

Okaasan not as good as we (and she) thought.
Monday night at dinner she looked really down and sad. Ate a little.
By Tuesday morning the lip had swollen to orangatan-size and she looked strained around the eyes.
Even asked me to open the curtains in her room etc and sat slumped against the sofa looking defeated by life.
When she has pain it is so obvious. Her whole body shows it.
We cancelled the day care trip and let her be during the day.

Late afternoon though I got her out for a walk and Tuesday evening she was back at the table eating again with some energy.

Apart from the dementia, just being 83 means that the knocks of life - and a full-face fall is a big knock - set you a little back and back.
Shame she missed a day care trip, but at least the weather is better so she can get out and walk herself.

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