Sunday, 21 April 2013

Up and out!

Okaasan seems fine - amazed us today by going out for a walk - in fact going down town to her fave coffee shop etc I felt sure she wouldn't want to go out with a big scar on her lip and bruised hands. But no - she was up and out by 3.30 pm

Had a toilet accident of the brown kind when she came home, finally came out of the toilet and let Dear Son clean up the mat etc for her and allowed herself to be ordered to take a shower.
I'm thinking that maybe daycare would like to try and get talking to Okaasan about wearing diapers - at least at night - because the toilet accidents seem to be on the increase. I tried a year ago to get into this topic...and failed. Maybe professional strangers would fare better?

She only ate a bowl of rice at lunchtime - didn't appear to want we went for some couple time out for meat on sticks...came home and found her standing in the kitchen helping herself to cooked-earlier rice and mixing it up with hot water...and then cold leftover chilli tofu....


  1. I have been silent but I have been reading all your posts.

    Before asking someone to tell her to use diapers please get her checked out by a doctor to see if there is an underlying condition. She could have an urinary tract infection, a prolapsed bladder, and few people know, but constipation can be the reason for the soiling accidents (a history of straining to produce stool (often an end product of chronic constipation), can damage the nerves in the muscles of the rectum, causing weakness and an inability to contain stool).

    Incontinence is not a normal part of aging, although your risk of experiencing incontinence does increase as you get older. You should eliminate all medical possibilities before considering the diaper way again.

    And if at the end she has to wear a diaper, yes, by all means, leave this conversation in the hands of a doctor/health professional. You definitely shouldn´t be doing this talk.

    And of course you don´t need to publish all this. :-)



  2. Hi Francesca - thankyou for your comment - i've actually gone ahead and published it, because the information may be useful to someone reading here. Sadly, the chances of getting Okaasan to a hospital or doctor are tiny - she hates both with great passion and is convinced that a Japanese health expert called Nishi-sensei had all the answers to all the body's problems. I tried talking to her about the incontimemce once, but it was hopeless - she had no memory of it and looked at the soiled pants as if seeing them for the first time...even now, when she lets us clean up after a toilet accident - she thinks it is the first time....impossible ;-( But I wonder if the day care staff could try to open the topic again with her...and a year or two from now she might be more open to the idea at least....