Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Family trip out

Took Okaasan to the local dance festival at the weekend - the three of us, with camping chairs to sit on by the roadside.
Okaasan fussed a bit about too hot/too cold, too windy, can't see - but finally we got her settled just right in a good spot to enjoy it all. She leaned forward in her seat and clapped to the music.

Yosakoi Dance Festival is a big thing in Sapporo - mainly downtown on stages and in parades inthe city center streets. But our local team is one of the best, so there is always a big turn out for their local performance.
After an hour at the festival we had early lunch at the Indian restaurant and Okaasan was animated and ate loads. Then home to snooze away the afternoon...and luckily so full she didn't need dinner either :-)
Got another dentist trip tomorrow....

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