Sunday, 7 July 2013

BBQ Day dawneth...

...and Okaasan is ready to leave the house.
At 7 am.

Every year we have a big BBQ with 30-40 people and 3 days of prepping/having/cleaning up.

Okaasan gets stressed about it. Strangers coming to the house - and she prefers to go out walking downtown. The worst times were when she didn't want to come home and hovered down the street in the evening, peering at the house and garden and waiting for it all to be finished.
Even yesterday she knew something was up.
"Is there some schedule today? Can I go out?" she asked.

This morning at 7 am she was already half dressed and sorting thru her handbag. Usually at 7 am she is in her pajamas, stretched out on the carpet and watching TV. And will stay like that until lunchtime.

But today she tuned into us in the kitchen prepping stuff and obviously noticed the mountain of BBQ stuff in the hallway....

We talked to her several times AND gave her a large note for her table: there IS a BBQ today, but you don't have to change your routine. Lunch is ordered for you, dinner will be made for you. The guests won't come into the kitchen or your room. Relaaaaaaxxx!!!
Hmm... she is still sitting there with her handbag, ready to take flight.

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