Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Is dementia catching?

Dear Son.
FORGOT to take his mother to the dentist.

He took the day off - actually so he could watch his team Brazil in the final game of the Confederation's Cup - and then he twittered around the house all day, watching TV, playing with cats, scratching his bollocks....and sometime after 3 pm the dentist's staff telephoned to check whether Okaasan was ever coming to her appointment!
He completely forgot.

Embarrassing. Last week Okaasan got to her appointment 40 mins late after failing to find it. This time Dear Son had a mind blank. It's a one-man dentist business - so two mucked up appointments is very much wasted  time (like my business, so I sympathise). There will be major apologies when they go for the rescheduled appointment. He may even have to take another day off work to make sure she gets there because I am working out of town (more of THAT later!!!).

Actually I think he was pretty shocked. Recently he forgot several other appointments too - he is just a little paranoid about what this means.
I think it just means he should stop scratching his bollocks so much. And focus.

Otherwise all well here.
Last week day care took their charges out for a cheap sushi lunch at a revolving sushi bar. Okaasan loved it. She was ready to go well in advance, and she has been talking about it since then. She hardly ever talks about day care after she's been - not much more than a general "Yes, it was fun" - but this time the sushi outing clearly made her happy and she has remembered it.

And I escaped for the weekend and went to visit friends who run the family onsen - and to visit 5 big gardens out in the center of Hokkaido. Mainly British style gardens - blue sky and sunshine - flowers and food such as carrot cake and scones.....happiness for an ex-pat Brit.

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