Saturday, 31 August 2013

Agony walking

Full-on Oyomesan duty yesterday.

We decided that Okaasan would never get downtown to the dentist on foot/train. So I volunteered to take her by car and get her back home in time before my 11 am class.

Oh the agony! For both of us.
Her walking was really painful to watch...and of course painful for her.
She crept down the steps by the front door, holding onto my shirt fiercely for balance...and crept to the car....out of the car, up the curbstone and into the dentist's building etc. Into the chair, out of the chair, to the waiting room....more agonizing the toilet etc.

Okaasan has always been very nimble on her feet, trotting around, up and down stairs - so this was all kind of shocking.

I brought the car as near as I could to the building front, but Okaasan couldn't get down the curb....I walked her a little further along to where the pavement and road met on an almost flat section...and finally into the car...

"Oh, down there is Doutor Coffee Shop! I could go and have coffee!"
"You? Go to the coffee shop? No way! You can hardly walk from the front of that building to the car, I am certainly not leaving you downtown alone!"
??????????????? Just amazing. She instantly forgot the preceding 15 mins of inability and pain and actually wanted to set off on her own downtown?

And 5 mins later as we were diving thru the city center:
"Oh, you can stop here, I can get out here...."

No Way.

The good thing, is that having said these off-the-wall things and been denied, she doesn't push the topic and try and try again, it's more like a passing sentence - unrelated to the current situation.

So. I got her home safely and crept up the steps inside again. Threw down the lunchbox I'd bought for her at the station, and then I galloped to work. For a rest.

And so it goes. Really if this leg pain continues all next week too - I hope even Dear Son will think it is time to go to the hated doctor/hospital. All the time she isn't walking her leg muscles are getting weaker and weaker, which will make walking more dangerous.

* Meanwhile, I AM taking actions about MY leg pains. I had 3 weeks with no pain, and was beginning to think acupuncture and stretching was conquering it. I even cycled to a jazz festival last weekend. 
It was probably too much. The twinges in my right thigh have come I am returning to twice a week acupuncture...and feeling a bit depressed...


  1. Hi :) Been reading your blog for a while now...decided to delurk when I saw this video online about coconut oil helping Alzheimer's and dementia patients...seems quite interesting. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention if you hadn't already heard about this.

    Dr Mary Newport and how she used it to help her husband :

    take care,

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Thankyou for the link - yes, i've heard/read about coconut oil before - and the arguments about whether it's good or not. All interesting. There are so many things we learn about the body and brain every year.
    With Okaasan any kind of introduced treatment has to be under cover, because she will never knowingly GO to a treatment place or TAKE/DO any kind of thing - she believes do nothing and eat nothing is the best way.
    Can I slip coconut oil into the miso soup? maybe!

    1. could try hahaha. I use it in smoothies and drizzle some on toast or pancakes...I also stir fry with it, and omelets taste really great when cooked with it. But it's tough I guess to hide it. Hats off to you for your patience and for all that you do for her :)