Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....all warm and fuzzy.

That's "Ahhhhhhh!" as in cute.
Not "Agggghhhhh!!" as in what-the-fuck-has-Okaasan-left-rotting-in-this-plastic-bag.

I took Dear Son and Okaasan to the subway station by the car Monday morning as they headed off for another dentist trip.
They got out of the car, I started looking in my back mirror and to the side - to pull back out into traffic.
A movement caught my eye. I looked back at Okaasan.
She was waving at me and smiling, And waving.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So cute!
So different from the stressed out, angry lady on Saturday evening in BBQ Hell. So different.
It really is like living with two different people: the happy, friendly, almost-childlike lady who giggles and laughs; and the stony faced, sharp voiced old bat who wants to savage your ankles.

Dear Son took a box of cakes to the Korean restaurant and thanked them for caring for Okaasan Saturday, and bringing her home. They said they realized she was confused when she tried to pay for her lunch and couldn't locate money in many purses and pockets in her handbag, and they worried that she couldn't find her way home. So they chatted for hours and brought her back.

And onwards. Bloody hot here now. Some days are over 30 C. Hot for here. I bought Okaasan cotton long gloves - Japanese women wear them to cover their arms from sunshine. Recently OKaasan has been going out in a T-shirt AND a thick, long sleeved jacket - and looks so hot and tired when she returns. I wonder if she will use the cotton gloves?
Can but hope.

* and yes, I DID see that story in the Japan Times about acupuncture-is-it-worth-it. But I'm a believer, for now, so I am going and getting needled twice a week and I'm happy the Japanese health insurance is helping pay for it. I've had fewer spasms recently - so I'll take the benefits of whatever.

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