Monday, 5 August 2013

Celebrating 83 :-)

After Saturday's shenanigans we should have locked her up in the small room and thrown away the key.
But we are good people. So, we didn't. Reserving that option for another time.

Yesterday was all smiles and laughter as we helped Kazuko celebrate 83 years of eventful life.

First there was lunch at home with Darling Oyomesan.
Then there was a trip downtown to a surprise footcare salon place for 40 minutes of massage and footcare (all ok apparently).
THEN there was dinner in a big busy sushi restaurant downtown. Sitting up at the counter with all the bustle of the chefs and customers around us.
A ride home on the train with Dear Son and Oyomesan.
Finally this morning: a present of gorgeous house slippers.

Not bad for a birthday 24 hours. :-)

And now: she has to go to the dentist...again. ;-(

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