Friday, 1 November 2013

"Good" times a-rollin'....

Okaasan is getting back in her groove.
Back at day care twice a week - and enjoying the dance sessions. Even managing to remember some dance steps, apparently.
Back to walking on her own round the neighborhood, and actually having the energy/muscle power to come home by herself. Twice.
She hasn't been down town yet on the subway alone and walked round all the fun of there. Thankfully.

Interesting that although she apparently doesn't really remember the leg pain saga of September and October ("I didn't go downtown, the roads were bad condition?"), she has some sense that downtown would be a step too far.
She has the subway card, she passes near the subway station on local walks. But she doesn't go in and take a train downtown.
Some sense of her inability? Or just out of that routine now for over 2 months?

As a family we enter winter mode from now on. He has just stopped his summer job as a bike taxi driver. He has the usual November off, to see friends and drink himself stupid and to do all the little jobs I have been saving up for him around the house. Then December he'll start work as a ski teacher. And MY winter job of full-time carer for Okaasan starts.....cos he'll be away for several weeks.

So, with Okaasan getting stronger and walking more we are back to our kind of "normal".

I rush into her room as soon as she is in the day care car: to scoop up old half empty lunchboxes, dirty underwear, old papers, yet MORE bags (will blog about those another time), and try and keep the clothes piles on the sofa and floor to below UNESCO registration as mountains levels.
We shop and cook, and room clean for Okaasan, we do her laundry, we clear up the occasional toilet accidents, we switch her TV channels from repetitive weather or TV shopping to actual programs, and we make sure he has just enough money for magazines and a few snacks.


* My blogging life and so-called reality are gonna meet! I've had a message on Couch Surfing from a woman who is a reader here - and she is coming to Sapporo with her family later this month!!! She recognised me from my CS profile!!! Small, small world.....
I keep hoping the handsome, blonde American exchange student at my university in the 1980s in England will also find me on the Internet....but that hasn't happened yet.
I bet he has an old mother to look after anyway....


  1. So glad she is better. Maybe her philosophy is correct… go to bed and you will recover! Nancy in Tokyo (as I take my daily thyroid, allergy and cholesterol lowering pills)

    1. Oh I know.....but 5-6 weeks of pain and ever-decreasing physical ability was worrying the *** out of me, I am very glad she is back ok again...for whatever reason!

  2. Hi hi and I am reading :) Looking forward to meet you! Mountains of unesco level are so funny, it is quite accurate for our flat situation as well (just instead of okaasan made by 2 akachan s)

    1. Looking forward to meeting you toooo.