Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Let the New Year cooking BEGIN!

...or at least - The Opening of Bags Containing Pre-Cooked Stuff.

Japanese New Year food haul from the supermarket.
So, December 31st 2013 and I am up early like a good Japanese housewife to wipe my seaweed with a damp cloth and get my thoughts in order for the New Year cooking frenzy.

Yesterday I hit the supermarket at lunchtime. Alone. Left Okaasan sleeping under newspapers which STILL confusingly say it is only December.

Why don't I take her shopping with me at this festive time? Wouldn't it be kinder and fun and a nice bonding experience?
No way. 
I tried that two or three years ago. It was stressy hell, for both of us.
Okaasan shops like a 50s Super Housewife. She picks up every thing and closely examines it for flaws. Puts it down. Picks it up again. Walks 5 meters and comes back to the same thing. On and on. Buys random stuff that might combine into a traditional dish, but then again - might not.

I did give her money and time downtown, and the offer of supermarket the other day. She came back with nothing. Sits and endlessly sifts thru the supermarket flyers at home - but actually  doesn't seem too interested in actually going and buying stuff.
So I did it yesterday with a list and a quietish supermarket.

All ready. Bought the whole lot this year.

I will only be making a stock from seaweed and dried fish flakes, with lashings of sugar and cooking sake, plus soy sauce - and opening up my bag of pre-cooked and cut ingredients.
Same for the rest - all packaged.

I have truely become a Japanese housewife...of the 21st century....go to the supermarket and buy it all.

And. This. For Okaasan. A little New Year cheer...a small, small bottle of sake.

I've started prepping her for the fact that she is going to welcome in 2014 a deux with me. That Dear Son is "having to work because he is such a popular ski instructor with rich Chinese people"...and I will tell him to telephone her tonight and do seasonal greetings and chat. He is away at the ski resort with lots of rich Asians, fireworks and feasts. Won't be home till Jan. 4th.

O-shogatsu. Bring it on :-)
I'm a Super Japanese Housewife of the 21st century.

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