Monday, 31 March 2014

A little void?

Quiet weekend, home with Okaasan and the cats.
He was away. My friend with Cutest Baby has moved back to the mainland to start work again.
I had a quiet weekend to myself.

Took Okaasan to the subway station to release her downtown and she walked home on her own from the station, the snow has almost melted in the streets now. I hope we don't have lots of negative chat about "why do I go to day care in summer, I can exercise by walking now!" Dear Son says: You go because you enjoy it, so you go. You a bath and lunch there. I may have to gear myself up to sound convincing on that.

I left her lunches in flasks on the kitchen table and took myself off to the gym, and the other day to see a movie with a friend.
But did Oyomesan duty and had dinner with Okaasan 3 nights in a row.

Is it my imagination? Or are her long ago stories becoming less? Maybe I just don't give her enough key information to get her started on them?
The New York - Korean food - Australia - Ayre's Rock climbing - Wartime food shortages - Cookery School - Ishihara Yujiro house -Flower arrangement classes stories. They were so familiar - I haven't actually heard any of them for a while this winter.

This weekend I think we talked about rich Chinese people coming to Hokkaido on holiday (it's a daily topic now), weather, spring, cherry blossoms, food, cats. I talked, she responded. If I don't start a conversation, she says nothing.

Hmm. Will have to try and prompt her into those old stories. I can't believe they've actually gone. Have they?

#  The TV went blank again. I found Okaasan sitting there looking at it. Not sure how long she'd been doing that. Lots of jokes while I got it working again. The TV is on sooooo much, it's probably dieing.

April. New start time in Japan.

For me at work I have a new class, some new students.
And I have replaced Friend with Cutest Baby - with a kayak! I can see it under blue sheets at the side of the house as the snow melts. Kayak time will be here in late spring.....kayak...kayak...

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